Cross-Platform Development

We has rich experience in delivering hybrid and cross platform apps. We offer cross platform mobile development on the most popular frameworks – React Native.

Business analysis

At your request, our business analysts will estimate your project against the market and help you decide on the platforms to target. After that, experienced project managers will assist you in settling for the most suitable development framework.

React Native

Offering fast development of apps with stable performance, React Native is a ‘bridge’ between Xamarin and Cordova. A framework that is even now used and supported by Facebook guarantees platform-specific UI and near-native response time.

Technologies Consulting

We welcome all mobile app ideas and genuinely care about the quality of their implementation. Our project managers and business analysts are open to professional, free of charge consulting prior to the start of your project. We analyze your requirements and help you match them with the most suitable development technology to ensure your app’s success and keep you within budget.

Our Philosophy

With us, a problem shared is a problem solved. Our mobile app consulting services will shape your app concept in the best way possible for you to enjoy a successful mobile product. You can also rely on our design, development, testing and support teams to cater to your needs on any stages of your mobile solution implementation.

Our Approach

Writing code once, delivering apps to multiple platforms and benefiting from all of them simultaneously – this isn’t just an ambition, but a realistic and hands-on strategy. We unlocks the power of React Native to create applications that share one code for business logics and are deployed on iOS, Android.

Striving to replicate native experience as much as possible, we set the following standards for the apps we develop:

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Whether your business operates in healthcare, banking, telecommunications, retail or any other industry, we are enthusiastic to work with you. If you want to know more about cross platform development frameworks we work with, our methodologies and expertise, or are willing to share your app idea – feel free to let us know.

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